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Student & Instructor Training

Students and Instructor Training

Over the past decade, SMDI has assisted in educating over 3,000 students in 25 different colleges on the safe handling and maintenance of steel utility poles. The majority of these students were educated through on-site Steel Utility Pole Coalition (SUPC) -sponsored hands-on training workshops. The Steel Utility Pole Coalition continues to offer these complimentary workshops for qualified schools. In 2014, the SUPC transferred more than 10 years’ worth of knowledge and experience into a complete online training series titled “Essential Lineman Training: Working with Steel Utility Poles.” This complete training program was developed in conjunction with the Metropolitan Community College of Omaha specifically for training colleges.

Segments include:

  • Steel Distribution Poles Overview
  • Climbing
  • Drilling Holes
  • Field Deployment
  • Framing
  • Installing
  • Joining

The online training is provided free of charge – and can be accessed via TalentLMS.

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To begin the online training, simply complete the following steps:

  • Create a free users account.
  • Complete each segment within the training program – there are a total of 7 segments (noted above). To complete each segment, the students must:
    1. Watch a video created specifically for the segment.
    2. Read a short document which provides further details on the information presented in the video.
    3. Review a presentation which highlights additional information on each topic.
    4. Complete a short quiz to evaluate student comprehension (a minimum score of 75% is needed to move to the next segment).
  • After all 7 segments are completed, the student will receive an email with a Certificate of Completion.
    1. All sections within the individual segments contain a countdown timer to ensure that students properly review the material. The student will not be able to move to the next section until the countdown timer reaches zero.
    2. All 7 segments do not have to be completed in one sitting. Students can log back into the TalentLMS system, using the username and password created, to complete the training at any time.


The SUPC can provide a training module setup for your specific college or training center. This will allow the instructor to login to view which students completed the various segments and the scores they received on the quizzes at the end of each segment. (Note – students will still receive a Certificate of Completion via email without a setup specific to your college or training facility. However, instructors will not be able to see individual student scores on the quizzes). For more information, please contact Jeff Suda at

The aforementioned online training will offer students a comprehensive overview of steel utility poles for low-voltage applications. The SUPC has also developed a more comprehensive program for instructors to utilize in order to offer students more in-depth training.

The package includes:

  • A USB drive and DVD with the same videos provided in the online training that can be used for showing in a classroom setting.
  • Hard copies of the written materials for each segment.
  • PowerPoint presentations for each segment for use in a classroom setting.
  • Student Quiz with an instructor answer key for each segment.
  • Lab session with skills assessment for each segment.

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If you belong to a qualified school and are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of “Essential Lineman Training: Working with Steel Utility Poles,” please contact Jeff Suda at