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Journeyman & Apprentice Training

Journeymen and Apprentice Training

The SUPC has been assisting electric utilities for the past 15 years by providing educational information on the safe use of steel utility poles. In 2013, SUPC teamed up with the Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction (ISPC) and T&D PowerSkills to develop a new training module, “Energized Distribution Systems – Safe Work Practices.” The training is designed for linemen who have worked on energized distribution systems and want to learn more about working with steel poles.

The training covers:

  • An Overview of Steel Poles as Distribution System Structures

  • Joining Multiple-Section Steel Poles

  • Framing and Setting Steel Poles – De-energized

  • Climbing Steel Poles

  • Energized Line Work

  • Additional Considerations (Basic Insulation Level)

The training is available online free of charge via TalentLMS.

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To begin the online training, simply complete the following steps:

  • Create a free users account.

  • Complete each segment within the training program – there are a total of 7 segments (noted above). To complete each segment, the user must:

    1. Watch a video created specifically for the segment.

    2. Read a short document which provides further details on the information presented in the video.

    3. Complete a short quiz to evaluate comprehension after segment (prompts are provided to assist if incorrect answers are provided).

  • After all 7 segments are completed, the user will receive an email with a Certificate of Completion.

SMDI also provides complimentary hands-on training workshops and classroom sessions for qualified electric utilities and associations. Click here to learn more.